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Return Flight: Bio

Return Flight

John Parman

A Rockin' Horn-Driven Show Band With Attitude

Return Flight was the brainchild of one John Parman. After playing successive years in a number of hard rock and heavy metal bands, he decided it was time to play the type of music his young daughter would want to hear. After presenting the idea to Steve Kelly, who was also in a number of the aforementioned bands, and finding he was on board with the idea (as were his kids), the both of them then called people they knew who might work out in such a large production. To their surprise, there was a lot of interest, and so it was that a meeting of sorts was set up at a local watering hole in late April of 2007 and Return Flight was officially born.

Since that time, the band has gone through a few personnel and stylistic changes, but the goal has always been the same—to cover songs that are as much fun to sing and dance to as they are to play. Return Flight’s goal is to bring the party to the people, wherever they are. Whether it’s a local club gig, wedding, festival, fair… you name it, if Return Flight is there, good times are sure to follow. Return Flight mixes great vocals; sizzling horns and a ripping rhythm section with unforgettable songs that will not only bring back great memories but also help to create new ones.