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Return Flight: Bio

Return Flight

John Parman  



RETURN FLIGHT: Rockin' Horn-Driven Music with Attitude

Return Flight was the brainchild of band leader and drummer John Parman. After playing hard rock and metal for several decades, John decided to found Return Flight, a solid show band which would span decades of great music and speak to generations of music lovers.

In April 2007, Return Flight played its first show. Since that time the goal has always been the same - to cover songs that are as much fun to sing and dance to as they are for the band to play. Return Flight brings the party to the people. Whether it’s a local club, a private wedding, or an outdoor festival, we guarantee a great time. 

The band features great vocals, sizzling horns, and a ripping rhythm section with unforgettable songs that will bring back great memories and make new ones.


Lead Vocals:

Shyle Ruder


Rhythm Section:

John Parman (drums) 

Dan Polidori (guitar) 

Kenny Goldstein (bass) 

Lyle McCuistion (keys) 

Lost Luggage Horn Section:

Chris Valentine (trombone) 

Trevor "All Day" Jones (trumpet) 

Ken Thiessen (trumpet) 

Phillip Hodapp(sax) 

Tina Richerson (sax)